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UL President for the Day

Thursday 19 January 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Norita Kelleher
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UL President for the Day

What would you do if you were UL President for the day? That is a question which was posed to all of our graduate interviewees over the years. Now as we enter 2017 and the new UL President prepares to take office, we thought it might be fun to revisit some classic answers to this question.

Predictably, there were many calls for the abolishment of Friday lectures and the introduction of monthly rag weeks. Some wanted to provide free beer to the masses whilst others would clearly just get drunk on power.

Here are a few of our favourites:

 Julia Galvin BSc ‘94

"Firstly, I would humbly name a Lecture Theatre after Julia Galvin! And secondly, I would preserve Elm Park as a historical theme park of how early UL Students lived in the late 20th century with no oil, wet turf, one and a half matches, the Limerick Post, a can of beans with no can opener, white sliced bread and a pot of spaghetti Bolognese!".





Niall Moynihan BSc ‘90

"No lectures before 11.00,  you need to think of those people that go to the pub late! …………… photocopies of all the lectures, I used to end up writing a lot”.





 Patrick McCarthy BA ’91, MA ‘93

"I would first issue a decree rendering irreversible all of the decisions taken by me on that day.  I would then elevate the entire European Studies Class of 1991 to my Board of Governors and summon them all to my lavish offices to have a group portrait painted and placed over the main entrance to the University.  After a sumptuous lunch, I would convene all students and regale them with witty, amusing and touching stories of my student days, thereby winning them over en-masse by the sheer weight of my charisma.  With the entire University thus united behind me and with my friends of old by my side, we would march on Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Galway, there to do battle with the heathen hordes!” 





 Mick Kelly BBS ‘96

I would upgrade my finals results to a 1.1 (knocking Fraggle off top spot) and then invite myself to the White House for a celebratory sherry. I did a presentation to the IT manager of UL a few years ago in my old job and imagine my delight when I discovered the presentation was to be delivered in the White House. I had obviously never been there as a student! Now that I've been in there and tasted the opulence, I want more. There's a butler for God's sake!



 Greg Dillon BEng '86, PhD '89

I would use my executive power to make any efforts to have me removed punishable by keelhauling. In that way, I would effectively install myself as lifetime President (Carpe Diem, right?). Having re-titled myself as the Exalted Presidential Grand Examiner and Self Designated Point of Contact at Large, I would have all QCA’s (or GPA’s or whatever they’re called these days) adjusted for inflation and retire to Fiji. Before leaving, I would have all stairwells converted to water slides!




Maeve Quinn BBS ’95

I would invite all the graduates back for an 80's party on the lawn of the White House and have the unforgettable Ber Angley as our DJ for the day.  We would party into the night and the current undergraduates would learn all about how to have real fun from the old timers! 





Stephen Griffin BSc ‘06

I would turn the Plaza area (in front of Main Reception) into a theme park....water slides, ski slopes, shows, rollercoasters etc. It would make the day pass quicker. I would also put in a subway system. Walking from the Arena to Thomond village just takes too long! I would also build a big stadium around the Bowl for the Soccer team....not that we would fill it but it would look good. I would also cancel all lectures on Fridays....nobody really listens on Friday anyway! Finally, I would put a big tent over the Student Centre courtyard.....the weather just sucks in Limerick so I think it would be a great way to get people together and have a good time on campus.



 Paul Wyatt BSc ‘84

I would have the whole campus stage a major art and music event ... but the catch is, nothing could be purchased.   The chemists would make the beer, wine and fireworks, the electrical engineers build the sound and display system and worldwide broadcasting, the mechanical engineers build the facilities, stage and power generators.  Artists and singers from UL would perform (and maybe Bono would be allowed to play as the backup band?). The business faculty would market the event worldwide, get the people on site and organise the logistics. The legal faculty could write the release from liability and indemnification clauses!


What would you do if you were UL President for the day?

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